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Racket Service


Strings are the key component of a tennis racket, and we try to keep every racket as tightly strung as possible. We have 20 years of experience with tennis racket string tightening and we have tightened up rackets for professional tennis players at many international tennis tournaments. For a long time, we tightened tennis rackets for Marko Tkalec, once Slovenia’s best tennis player, and we are currently tightening and servicing (calibration and weight adjustment) the rackets of top Slovenian tennis players, such as Grega Žemlja and Blaž Kavčič, as well as Tamara Zidanšek, Blaž Rola, Aljaž Bedene and many other professional and amateur players.

A well-strung racket requires an excellent stringer, good equipment and a top-notch machine. 

We use: Wilson Baiardo - a six-point mounting system, incredibly precise motor, natural gut stringing technology and other important features.  The official stringer of the US Open. 

Adding weight to rackets with lead

We balance and calibrate tennis rackets with the help of the Prince Precision Tuning Center and the Babolat Racquet Diagnostic Center. They allow us to accurately measure the racket’s weight, swing-weight and centre of mass. Your new racket can be customized to match your old one by adding lead. This is of course only possible when the new racket is lighter than the old one that suits your preferences.