For the second year in a row, Wilson is pampering us with a sophisticated line of tennis rackets created in honor of Roland Garros, the biggest beach tennis event. This time Wilson decided to make a special color edition of the two best-selling tennis rackets in our country. The Wilson Blade 98 16x19 V7 looks gorgeous in light gray with the addition of royal navy blue and sand color. The second racket, the Ultra 100 V3, is dominated by a beautiful dark blue color with the addition of gray and sand. Both are painted in a luxurious, velvety matte color.
When buying two rackets, we exclusively offer you a 10% discount on the quantity, which is automatically calculated in your cart.
Other accessories are well known to you from last year and go great with this year’s Roland Garros collection.

Wilson Blade 98 (16x19) v7 Roland Garros Edition

Limited edition Blade 98 (16x19) v7 inspired by the peak of the sand season - Roland Garros! Like the standard version, this sleek gray, sand and blue version will give you the incredible control and feel that the Blade series is known for. With cutting-edge innovation, it supports its sharp design for next-level capabilities. FeelFlex technology, the evolution of CF’s revolutionary FreeFlex technology, includes a carbon display that is strategically placed on the entire racket frame to provide a better feel and connection to the ball.

Wilson Ultra 100 V3 Roland Garros Edition

Painted with a special color palette inspired by Roland Garros, as part of a top-class beach tennis tournament. The Roland Garros Edition Ultra 100 v3 successfully adds strength and stability to more classic and flat player strokes. A multitude of geometric improvements combine with the solid composition of the frame creating a beautiful liveliness and response. Club players, rising juniors and doubles players can be attracted to this racket due to its versatile strength and stable construction.

The official ball of Roland Garossa 2021 is Wilson.

  • There are 3 balls in the package.
  • The price of the package is 6 €.
  • There are 15 balls in the package.
  • The price of the package is € 27.5.
  • There are 72 balls in the package.
  • The price of the package is € 120.